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    Great information.

    This I think explains the issue. The key I bought (35113-S84-A02) is not compatible with European ECU's.

    Thank you all! Very interesting to get the confirmation that your cars came with 2 keys only.

    Today I got a reply from the dealer with a very different explanation from what I was told when I took the car for service (which was that the car only supports 2 keys). This new explanation makes more sense:

    "We used the Honda computer who is up to date to program your keys on your car. This one did not recognize the key you brought so it was impossible for our mechanics to program that key. The computer just recognized the two original keys of the car. The two keys were then reprogrammed with the immobilizer. The key was not bought here so we can not say what the problem is. We can only presume that there is no chip in this key, or that it has the wrong chip in it, what would explain why the computer did not recognize it. We can program up to 6 original keys."

    The key I have is an original part:

    Part No.: 35113-S84-A02
    Key, Blank (Main)(Black)(Immobilizer)

    So, as noted by @berzcheft it could be that the chip in this key is not compatible with my car.

    Yes, I was aware of the timing issues with the machine, however did not get too far. Simply fails on the first step to connect.

    I will try other options as you suggest. The other solution is to get a cloner key made.

    Thanks for the information from the handbook and the video. I used the information to ask the dealer for the specific error message and the type of equipment they used.

    I actually have the device mentioned in the video and have tried the procedure. Was really hoping this had worked as I wanted to do the job myself. The CK-100's 'Honda' category does not have the S2k. The 'Honda USA' category does but I was not able to connect to the ECU at all.

    Hello All! I just found this forum and have a question to ask. My car is a 2001.

    Could someone pls tell me how many keys actually came with the 2000/2001 cars or if you could confirm if you have 3 keys that can start the car?

    My car came with one black key and one gray valet key when I purchased it used. I bought a Honda original key and had it cut at a locksmith. (Per my printed owners manual the car originally came with 3 keys - 2 black, 1 gray)

    I took the car to a Honda dealer and they were not able to program all three keys. They were quite certain that the car can only accept 2 keys maximum which conflicts with everything I have read. After 30 minutes in the service bay the technician confirmed that his programming machine could only add 2 keys. Of course I paid to have my 2 keys programmed back into the car!

    Any thoughts are appreciated.