Greetings from Romania!

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    • Greetings from Romania!

      Hello everybody!

      I am 40 and I am from Bucharest, Romania. I became a Honda enthusiast once I bought an Accord and joined the local Hondafan club in 2007. Then I saw the first S2000 and after a short ride I knew what car I really want. In the mean time I bought another Honda, a CR-V for practical reasons and then, last year, I made my dream come true, after 10 years. I went to Greece and bought an S2000 MY '00 Berlina Black. I've put a lot of work into it since then and today I think it looks really good and mechanically it is in a very good shape.
      Searching through the papers, I've found out that in Greece there were two owners, between 2004 and 2017 and that the car was bought from new in Germany in March 2000 by Kai Nissen whom I've found is/was an user on this forum. I am in contact with the guy I bought it from (2nd owner in Greece), but I do not know much about the previous years. I do not really understand German, so maybe you guys can help me out a bit. I am hoping that he somehow presented the car here and talked about it. Even if it is from 2000, I got the car with facelift improvements like aluminium radio cover and glass soft top, so I was hoping that Kai took good care of it during his 4 years ownership.
      I spoke with Nicola who forwarded my message to Kai, hoping that his contact details didn't change. He also recommended me to present my story here, so here I am.
      Thank you in advance for reading this, warm regards from Romania!
    • Don’t need to share it here, share it with Nick directly and please have a check whether your VIN is listed here:

      Fahrgestellnummern verunfallter S2000

      At least you can try to find out whether it had been crashed in his previous life and then sold/exported to Greece. If the previous owner listed it here voluntarily.
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